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Membership of Star Gayzers has it's rewards

Check out some of the places you can use your Star Gayzers Membership Card to obtain a discount or value added services.

Apple Retail Stores

  • Members must produce their valid membership card to qualify for discounts.
  • Identify themselves to an Apple Business Team Specialist to have the discount applied correctly.
  • Discounts apply to the purchase of Mac Computers, iOS Devices (Phones / iPads / iPods), Apple Care & Accessories.

Discounts Offered:

6% Mac & Thunderbolt Displays
2% iPads & Unlocked / Full Priced iPhones
5% iPods
10% Apple Branded Accessories
10% AppleCare  and AppleCare+ for iPad
10% Third Party Software

Terms & conditions Apply:  
Excludes: New Macbook, Apple Watch (All Models) Apple Watch Accessories, Apple TV & Apple TV AppleCare, Microsoft Products, iPhone AppleCare & iPhone AppleCare+ , Bose, Refurbished Products, Software Volume Licences, Genuis Bar Services

Discounts Subject to Change

More discounts will be added soon....  

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